Steelhead Coffee

Hey guys! I’m so excited about this post! Everyone that knows me knows that I love finding new food or drink places to try, especially coffee shops and cafes. I think I have found one of my favorite spots in Long Beach, Ca. It’s called Steelhead Coffee. Such an awesome little spot. If my memory serves me correct, it’s a vendor for an outdoor urban eatery called SteelCraft; which I will bring to you in another post. 

Anyhow, this place is a great place for you to get your studies or work done. It has such a nice and quiet ambiance. The baristas there are so friendly and accommodating. When I got there, I had my hands full with my laptop and other things. I went to the counter to order my drink. I wasn’t sure what I wanted at the current moment. I just knew I was in need of caffeine. 🙂 I asked the barista what her suggestions would be. She gave me a few of her favorite drinks and she knew the menu pretty well.  Finally, I decided to get Vanilla Latte. The barista saw I was struggling to get to my seat (surprise, surprise! haha I’m really clumsy and a total klutz), she offered to help me to my seat. Once I was settled, my drink was ready at the bar. Wow! That was super quick! I was impressed. The same barista that helped me to my seat offered to bring my drink to me. Gosh I wish I could remember her name! She was so helpful! She even brought me a cup of water! Alas! I have my laptop, coffee, water, and life all in one place. 🙂 Finally, I’m going to take a sip of my coffee, which by the way, looked incredible with the latte art. Kuddos to the the other barista that made it! It was almost too pretty to drink and destroy. Like I said… almost. 🙂 It had such a great taste. Perfect amount if sweetness and it wasn’t too strong. It was the perfect pick me up… a hug in a mug haha. It’s definitely a place to check out of you’re in Long Beach. IMG_0648


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