Cafe Maji

Cafe Maji is such a quaint and an adorable little cafe. I know there are a few locations in Southern California, but the one I went to is in Artesia, Ca. With all the trinkets and decorations all around the room, it truly makes it a cute place to go. I’ve been here a couple times and at first, I really enjoyed myself there. The service was great. The food was spot on. I loved going there for some type of coffee drink and dessert. Which by the way is pretty awesome. I always get the tiramisu waffle! It’s a warm fluffy waffle topped with a time slice of tiramisu. Then comes the layer of slightly sweetened whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder. All that on a slight drizzle of milk chocolate and slivered almond. For a drink, I usually get an iced drink or a coffee drink. Iced drink, I do recommend getting the white peach mojito! 

So crisp and refreshing! Perfect for a hot day(or cold). 🙂 For a hot drink I especially loved the white mochappuccino (mocha cappuccino) drink . The cute latte art there is just an added bonus and they give you a complimentary cream puff with every drink you order! Awesome, right??! They also have other food items there as well. But I always stuck with the desserts and drinks. 🙂 I did at one point adore this place. I always made my friends come here with me just for a girls night out or whatever. I haven’t been there for  about 5 months. I just got so busy with work and just life in general. I was in the area where the cafe was and I was raving about how this place was so great to my sister in law that I decided I’d take her there since we were literally down the street from it. When we got there, no one greeted us. A waitress finally seated us and she just walked away. For about 3 minutes we waited. It wasn’t a big deal to me really. We finally got the menus and I had already knew what I wanted. They took forever to come back to us to take our orders. Mind you, I’m a pretty patient person. I don’t really get irritated that fast. Anyhow. She finally took our order. We had a brownie waffle with vanilla ice cream, white peach mojito, and a passion tea lemonade. They took forever!!!!!!!! At last! Our drinks arrived! And then things went down hill from there…. dun dun dun… the waitress, handed me my drink and I was a happy camper. Unfortunately… when she went to give my sister in law her drink, she dropped it all over her. I was in shock. I was embarrassed for both my sister in law and the waitress. I think everyone was stunned for a few seconds. She finally got napkins and rags to clean up the mess. She remade the drink she spilt but that had already ruined our night. Not only that. They took forever with the waffle. They never came by to see how we were doing. My sister in law just got fed up with it and decided to just get the check. I don’t know if they were short staffed that day but it took forever for us to waves one of them down. We finally got the check and had the money ready to pay. Again, they took forever to come get the check from us. We waved, we tried to called them, but to no avail. I had to get up and hand it to them. I was so sad at the service there. I’m not sure if I’ll go back there anytime soon but, for the most part, the food was great but the service however is lacking. It wasn’t when I first went there with my friends. It’s so sad, it’s the most cutest place you’d ever want to go have dessert at but, communication with the servers.. there was a big disconnect. I do hope they improve it and maybe one day we’ll come back! 


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